Sunday, September 16, 2007


This blog is a brief record of the artistic history of Michael Mercer starting at age 10. It takes you on the visual journey of his development as an artist, the major influences to his artwork, and explains the inspiration behind many of the pieces involved. It is recommended that you use the sidebar at right to navigate to the last post and then move forward chronologically (bottom to top).

I have recently felt (for the first time in my life) that I'm actually an artist and not just a hobbyist. As such, I felt it important to document in whatever small way I could the journey that has brought me here in a clear and concise manner. I plan on updating it in the future as I think of more appropriate things to say at each critical juncture in my artistic history. Hopefully this blog will provide insight into how a person discovers or chooses what their role in life is to be.

In general terms, this blog is a composite and abridgment of information found at my other two blogs 500,000 Bad Drawings and Getting Fancy With The Spices. 500,000 Bad Drawings is the place I dump a good amount of my bad drawings and Getting Fancy With The Spices is my general use and painting blog. It chronicles my painting history quite accurately, as it contains nearly every painting I've ever created.

I hope these websites provide you with interesting (and clean!) pictures to look at, a few laughs, and a better understanding of artists and their place in the world.


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