Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Journey to the Promised Land Begins

Pack your bags and say goodbye to Jerusalem, because we're going to the promised land. Check out the blog and like it on Facebook. Gonna be a long journey but I think it will be fun...and ultimately worth it for all involved.

The comic book series will be perfect for Latter-day Saint families looking to provide wholesome and edifying entertainment for their children, as well as provide an excellent and non-intrusive way to share our beliefs about the Old and New Testaments with our friends and neighbors.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Troupes of Oz

The fallen circus world of Oz is filled with all kinds of vagabonds and runaways. Among them are many that didn't make it into MGM's classic movie. My version stays way truer to the original book while embellishing them, like the whole story, with the same inspiration that inspired Frank L. Baum: the circus!

I haven't written bios for all of them, but here is what I've got. This project is being closed so it is what it is.

Winged Monkeys - Primate Cannonballs
Their one-way ticket is controlled by the possessor of the Golden Cap.

Quadlings (Glinda/Red Top)
Four-armed fire-wielding clumsy oafs. You can always trust them to blow something up...accidentally.
Zey are German.

Freakshow (Emerald City/Green Top)
8’8”, 425 lbs. big enough for you?  Or would you prefer to see the bearded lady?

Munckins (Wicked Witch of the East/Blue Top)
Living Tunisian architecture.
They are so in tune with each other they can finish each other’s sentences. Their collective brainy horsepower won't get you very far, though.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A change

This is an asset from work that didn't make the cut due to some miscommunication, so I got permission to post on the blog. I've done hundreds of these things, and most are not very glamorous.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Wicked Witch of the West
A gluttonous hag that gave up on kindness long ago...shortly after her first ballet class.

Filthy, nasty, dirty, wicked.  This sickened, over-stuffed gaucho violently abuses the Winkies to fill her bottomless pit. The mountainous leftovers rot where they lie, making her Yellow Top an amorous compost of liverwurst and sauerkraut casserole gone rank. The morbid irony is her demand for spotlessness--which her minions half-heartedly attempt in her presence, but instantly “respot” when her back is turned.  The ignition switch for her anger flips and the cycle begins all over again.  This witch has become one with her domain, so coated in muck that her true self is lost in the filth.  But sometimes, very rarely, she can be seen dancing like a ballerina in private.  Could it be her wickedness is only grime-deep?

Monday, May 09, 2011

Miss O'Riley

Miss O'Riley
A beautiful Irish saint.

Miss O'Riley is too regal to marry.  Too kind, too beautiful, too educated. She runs a local orphanage in Boston, and though she has a policy not to play favorites, one little girl and her black dog win her heart. Miss O'Riley's ultimate joy is to place this special girl in a family home...halfway across the continent.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Uncle Henry and Auntie Em

A strong-willed, weathered plainswoman who has never had children.

Dorothy’s happy laughter causes Em to scream in fright when she first hears it.  This gray woman is highly sensitive to her own lack of color.  There are two generations--and half a continent of culture--between Dorothy and Em, and they both know it.  Not only this, but Dorothy refuses to work, which is the one virtue that Em clings to and binds her family together.  Will strong-willed Em and bull-headed Dorothy be able iron out their differences?

A powerful, if aging, man that is determined to be a good father.

One of the first American homesteaders, Henry knows virtually nothing else.  He works hard and he loves his wife.  Neither of which, however, will be enough to help Dorothy become a part of his family.  He finds himself trying to learn to love--to change--in ways he never before considered.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

New Hobby

Works fried me, so I needed to do a personal piece. Although I am not ecstatic to be embarking on another long, hard project, I think that this one will be worth it.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Collector

This is the collector that comes a-calling after the death of Dorothy's parents. He plays a very minor role in the film. He's only in two shots and doesn't say anything.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Susanna and Teddy

A poor but dedicated husband and father.

A city boy with few advantages in life, Teddy at an early age knew he had little more to offer anyone than the clothes on his back.  As such, he invested in himself: his courage, his personality, his humor.  He overcame his shyness and won the affection of his dream girl, Susanna.  Together they raise a special daughter who’s talent and ability intimidate them immensely.  Nevertheless, he makes great sacrifices to provide food, shelter, and a high-quality, if not high-income, lifestyle for both of them.

Teddy works double shifts in the factories to pay increasing debt they have accrued in their first years of marriage.  Eternally optimistic, he has dreams of one day working in a hotel.

A young mother who lives life to the fullest--and teaches her daughter to also.

A sun hat and bare feet are the trademark of this young American mother.  Beautiful since birth, Susanna could have married any man in the city, but she chose Teddy not for his big nose or freckled cheeks, but because he knew how to lead a rich, fulfilled life of memory-making.  Her dream is to be a mother of five, and live out her life having fun with those she loves.