Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Troupes of Oz

The fallen circus world of Oz is filled with all kinds of vagabonds and runaways. Among them are many that didn't make it into MGM's classic movie. My version stays way truer to the original book while embellishing them, like the whole story, with the same inspiration that inspired Frank L. Baum: the circus!

I haven't written bios for all of them, but here is what I've got. This project is being closed so it is what it is.

Winged Monkeys - Primate Cannonballs
Their one-way ticket is controlled by the possessor of the Golden Cap.

Quadlings (Glinda/Red Top)
Four-armed fire-wielding clumsy oafs. You can always trust them to blow something up...accidentally.
Zey are German.

Freakshow (Emerald City/Green Top)
8’8”, 425 lbs. big enough for you?  Or would you prefer to see the bearded lady?

Munckins (Wicked Witch of the East/Blue Top)
Living Tunisian architecture.
They are so in tune with each other they can finish each other’s sentences. Their collective brainy horsepower won't get you very far, though.


Jake said...

Loving all your OZ designs! Really good stuff here.

estevaolucas said...

Amazing characters!