Friday, October 19, 2007

Heroes and Villains

I had to read and study comic books for several hours to understand how "female" anatomy looks. The proportions between comic book females and real ones are sometimes so different that I wonder if there needs to be a third gender in the universe that accomodates superheroes.

The gun shoots confetti, by the way.

Don't take his candy. Trust me.

I like mean women

I have a fondness in my heart for women that are fighters, and not just with swords. This girl here is an embodiment tough.

Below are some of the silhouettes that inspired this image. I think I lost some of the glamour and energy of the silhouettes in the final image. I will not make the same mistake again!!!

A caveman's flat

The story goes that Nicolai the Caveman has been working a long time on a new invention: the wheel. He's been pounding out these cool new carvings: triangles, squares, trapezoids, and finally creates his masterpiece: a perfect circle.

We wanted the design of his world to be square so that he and his masterpiece would stand out. We also felt that it helped to enhance the conflict of man vs. environment. This is his prehistoric apartment and nearby landscape. Design of the cave was by Steve Glauser.

Two color schemes. We're going for the orange one. I think.