Monday, February 20, 2012

The fight for good spending habits in Utah

Last Friday I was notified by Sutherland Institute, Utah's premiere conservative think-tank, that a very important spending bill was receiving undue negative attention in our state Senate.

They hired me to create some cartoons to help simplify the vital concepts, as well as the political situation, behind the bill and visualize why the bill is unpopular with lobbyists and special interest groups, but is in the best interest of us citizens and of the state as a whole.

This bill, which is a beautifully written 1-page amendment to our Utah State Constitution, basically says that before we swipe our credit card (as a state) we talk about it first in our legislature. It also states that when we have a surplus in our budget, we make savings accounts for things like natural disasters, which we currently don't prioritize.

If you live in Utah, please do these things:

  • Check out the academic research that supports the bill. (Bottom of page)
  • Check out the bill.
  • Check its status. This is important so you know whether to email your Senator or Representative. (Whether the bill is in the Senate of the House of Representatives right now.)
  • Then email your senator or representative using this cool engine that figures out who that person is for you. Tell them that you want it to pass and they should support it.
Thanks for making a difference! This bill is VERY IMPORTANT! Please help it along! California had a similar bill, but got rid of it in 1990, and has since gone bankrupt.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


For those of you not following my Book of Mormon Comic Blog, now would be the time to subscribe. All my work and effort is being put into developing it and a large portion of my artwork the last year (and in years to come) will be exhibited there rather than on this blog.

And some morning warm-ups.