Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My computer neighbor Josh told me to sketch the Lady of the Lake. So this is what I did.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

About Updating and Why I'm Doing This

If you are my family and friends (for whom I'm doing this), then look for updates about once a month or so. I hope that my progress can be seen visually. I thought it would be an interesting record to have on hand--the progress of an artist using a new medium. I hope it helps people understand that art isn't easy, and that even when an artist creates great things, there are still a lot of bad ones that go with it that usually aren't seen. I'm trying to open people's eyes so they know a little better what the journey is like.

Anyone can comment by pressing the comment button, but I think you will have to identify yourself so I know who you are, or else you might have to have a blog account...I don't know. But if you want to comment that bad you can figure it out, I'm sure. Everyone enjoy!

Oops. Missed a painting

MM continues painting fearlessly...

The quality of this picture may elude you, but I assure you that this image has more technical ability in it than almost any others I've done. It's mostly in her right shoulder.
I like her apricot skin--it makes her like like a large dull plastic mannequin.
Current painting. This represents 9 hours of work. I get 3 more. I'm going to need it, but things are improving.

Another still life. I learned in this one to simplify my subject. Just because it's in your field of vision doesn't mean you have to paint it. Composition is very important.

MM continues painting fearlessly

Probably my best head to date.
Yay! Something turned out!
Same girl. Different day. Shadows on left of face look more like birthmark--ick.
Used a bigger brush. I like this one. Probably because of the costume.
Still lifes are cool because the subjects hold still. This painting is where I learned how to utilize intensity of color to represent highlights (and not using a different hue or value, for example.)

MM Learns to Oil Paint

Decided to stick with monochome because of previous failure.
Trying to learn color. Messed up big.

My first painting this century, I think. Probably the 3rd painting of my life.