Monday, January 18, 2010

Master Copies and Emulations

If anyone's curious about my method of study, which no one has really inquired about yet, but I'm going to share anyway, is I find the "Master Copy" and "Emulation" one of the fastest and best means of learning art.

1. Copy a master. In this example I copied Dan Lee.
2. Emulate the style.

Both images done by me, the bottom is the copy, from Ratatouille.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A few more pages...

I liked these ones so I thought I'd share!

The Spanish Mermaid

I have some new work! To see my updated portfolio, visit my portfolio blog.

Interview with Armand Serrano

Hey all! I was honored with the privilege of interviewing Armand Serrano, one of the art directors at Sony Pictures Animation! We posted it as BYU Animation's first podcast! For BYU people out there, talk to Aaron Ludwig if you want to be a part of the podcasting team.

Armand's interview can be found at the BYU Animation Blog.