Saturday, May 07, 2011

Uncle Henry and Auntie Em

A strong-willed, weathered plainswoman who has never had children.

Dorothy’s happy laughter causes Em to scream in fright when she first hears it.  This gray woman is highly sensitive to her own lack of color.  There are two generations--and half a continent of culture--between Dorothy and Em, and they both know it.  Not only this, but Dorothy refuses to work, which is the one virtue that Em clings to and binds her family together.  Will strong-willed Em and bull-headed Dorothy be able iron out their differences?

A powerful, if aging, man that is determined to be a good father.

One of the first American homesteaders, Henry knows virtually nothing else.  He works hard and he loves his wife.  Neither of which, however, will be enough to help Dorothy become a part of his family.  He finds himself trying to learn to love--to change--in ways he never before considered.

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