Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Wicked Witch of the West
A gluttonous hag that gave up on kindness long ago...shortly after her first ballet class.

Filthy, nasty, dirty, wicked.  This sickened, over-stuffed gaucho violently abuses the Winkies to fill her bottomless pit. The mountainous leftovers rot where they lie, making her Yellow Top an amorous compost of liverwurst and sauerkraut casserole gone rank. The morbid irony is her demand for spotlessness--which her minions half-heartedly attempt in her presence, but instantly “respot” when her back is turned.  The ignition switch for her anger flips and the cycle begins all over again.  This witch has become one with her domain, so coated in muck that her true self is lost in the filth.  But sometimes, very rarely, she can be seen dancing like a ballerina in private.  Could it be her wickedness is only grime-deep?

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