Monday, May 02, 2011

Susanna and Teddy

A poor but dedicated husband and father.

A city boy with few advantages in life, Teddy at an early age knew he had little more to offer anyone than the clothes on his back.  As such, he invested in himself: his courage, his personality, his humor.  He overcame his shyness and won the affection of his dream girl, Susanna.  Together they raise a special daughter who’s talent and ability intimidate them immensely.  Nevertheless, he makes great sacrifices to provide food, shelter, and a high-quality, if not high-income, lifestyle for both of them.

Teddy works double shifts in the factories to pay increasing debt they have accrued in their first years of marriage.  Eternally optimistic, he has dreams of one day working in a hotel.

A young mother who lives life to the fullest--and teaches her daughter to also.

A sun hat and bare feet are the trademark of this young American mother.  Beautiful since birth, Susanna could have married any man in the city, but she chose Teddy not for his big nose or freckled cheeks, but because he knew how to lead a rich, fulfilled life of memory-making.  Her dream is to be a mother of five, and live out her life having fun with those she loves.

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