Sunday, September 16, 2007

After the mission - age 21 - 22

So the story goes that after my mission I had changed a lot. Not sure I wanted to do artwork. I came home in August and the only schools accepting students was the local tech school. So I went. It might sound crazy after having viewed all my artwork, but you know, my father had an influence on me, and to be honest I was trying to stay open minded. I still had my artistic goals--but I was just trying things out. So I went to tech school for a quarter. Then I got a job as a salesman. Then I started my own pressure washing business. And then I decided to move out with my good friend Matt to the University of Georgia and pursue my dreams as an artist. I was going to be a portraitist, and the month I spent at UGA was one of the best of my life. I was still working the pressure washing business at the time and inbetween that I was taking Matt's camera, walking around campus, and getting some photos of random students. Above is my sister (not a random student). Below are the students.

I was seeking to imrove my art so I went to the local bookstore and bought the book with the best artwork in it (in my opinion). It was Tony Ryder's Figure drawing book. (Just google Anthony Ryder if you're interested.) I pretty much learned my technique from reading that book and was able to make a number improvements on my own. Although my life as an artist was short-lived (no one wants to pay money for graphite portraits...imagine that) I continued to realize I wanted art to be a part of my life forever. So I went back to school to get my grades up. I didn't study art, however. I was at a community college and I studied Spanish. Why not art? Because that school's version of "art" and the way they taught it went against my morales and also against my personal understanding of what art is. I didn't want to be taught by more Mrs. V's. So for the next year and a half I worked full time and went to school full time and got my Associates Degree in Spanish from Georgia Perimeter College.
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