Saturday, September 15, 2007

6th Grade Science Class

His name is Cain and he was a halfling character. I'm not sure where I got his name from, but I know it's not what you think.

About this time in my life I became friends with a guy named Ben Livingston and neither of us had any other friends, so we would role-play together as often as possible. Due to the fact that we didn't live near each other this typically meant once or twice a month staying up all night making characters and sending them through a ridiculous story. Enough time passed between sessions, however, that we typically started over from scratch each time we got together. This made for a lot of characters, and is probably the root of my love of storytelling.

A schoolhouse. I vividly recall drawing this during school. I guess I yearned for the simpler life. Not the accurate shadow being case from the building.

My oldest brother Aaron (I have another brother, Adam, who is slightly younger, but still older than me) introduced me to Anne McCaffrey. This is a copy of Michael Whelan's cover of The White Dragon. This was also drawn during 6th grade. I remember one time being called on by my fat teacher to answer a question and I didn't know what was going on. Someone said, "He's drawing dragons," in a way that made it sound as if dragons weren't cool.

One of my first portraits. I'm assuming it's drawn from reference, but judging from the Cain-like eyes (above) she might not be. Cain wasn't drawn from reference. But the teeth on this one definitely suggest it.

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