Saturday, September 15, 2007


Always loved stories. Above is a map with a made-up language. I don't actually think I made the language up. I think it's mostly just scribbles. Typical. My English is mostly scribbles, too.

This was inspired by Aaron's "Us" book. We once role-played ourselves being transported into a different world--the world of Korpan. My brother's world is really cool. It was always inspiring to me, and continues to be so when I visit it.

This is a copy of some comic book artist somewhere. It is supposed to be Elizabeth Fo'gorn, one of Ben Livingston's characters from back in middle school. She was a traveling companion of Rain's. She evolved into a character that still doesn't have a name--and I recently spoke with Ben after a 2 or 3 year silence and he's doing really well. We both are writing stories with our characters we made up long ago. It's good to hear. I'm so glad he's doing well.

In case it doesn't read well, it's a dragon sawn in half with his guts spilling and a knight is bleeding from the aorta. His nerdy and half-naked squire is witnessing the gruesome scene. Yet another image that exemplifies my sadistic and twisted sense of humor. However, you can se a bit of style to this drawing, which is something I'm only now learning about, at the age of 25. In case you were wondering, I was born in 1982.

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