Saturday, September 15, 2007

Various Early High School Drawings

I actually didn't finish a lot of work...and most of the stuff on this blog is the majority of stuff that was finished enough to post, or at least, to scan in whenever it was that I scanned it. A long time ago. I just found these files because of Picasa (thanks Google!) and even though I don't care for several features of the program I do use it to post with.

Anyway, that said, I probably had about one sketchbook a year in high school. Not many. I typically go through a sketchbook or more each month here at BYU (or the equivalent in looseleaf). So in high school I was particularly diligent. I'm not sure why I drew. I can't honestly remember, but hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. The one above was a photo which obviously inspired me, so I decided to draw it.

A wizard and his weird dog.

Another character design. I didn't even know what character design was back then. Much less costuming and everything else. This one was out of my head.

I think I drew flowers a lot because I liked the concentric design. God knew what he was doing when he made flowers. And you don't have to be a girl to like them. Or gay, either.

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