Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Finally got to do some real designs in Ryan's class. I love people and their stories. We had an assignment to make silhouettes of Japanese Geisha, Native Americans 400 C.E., Army Soldiers 2084 C.E., and Victorian Women. I finally figured out what I was doing for the geisha page, I think.

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Anonymous said...

Found by total accident... Awesome Silhouettes tho! Keep up the good wok.

Alan said...


I came across your work today working with a client to develop a logo. I'm a fellow BYU BFA (I graduated back in '04) and I wondered if I could get a higher resolution version of some of your victorian silhouettes.

If we ended up using something we'd pay you for your work.


Alan Wilson
Art Director - Eli Kirk
801.377.9321 x203

Anonymous said...

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Russ Horne said...

brilliant work, loving the silhouettes, what did you use to draw them, was it some kind of flat ended pencil or charcoal?

Chris said...

Hi, I was wondering if these are available for download ?

Chris said...

Hi, I was wondering if these are available for download ?

Michael Mercer said...

They are available to download for private home use. Any commercial use of them is prohibited.

sara hull said...

i am looking for a squaw papoose silhouette do you have anything like that

Michael Mercer said...

I can make one.