Saturday, November 10, 2007

Way Behind!

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to post for people that look at my blog. I just cranked out 7 posts of stuff that I was behind on, and guess what? That's not even half of all the posts I still have to do just to get caught up with what I've done (much less what I'm working on this week). I've got more than 30 head paintings to post as well as a bunch of philosophical ideas to spread. I saw Wyatt's blog and was inspired by some of the stuff he posted which WASN'T art. Imagine that...actually posting words? And people read them? Yep. It's true. At least, I read Wyatt's anyway.

And seeing as this blog is NOT an official BYU anything (unlike the club which I run at BYU) I feel totally ok with being as bold and blatant with my beliefs about art, life, and anything else that might come to mind (including the inefficiency of chainmail bikinis) as I want to.

Right now only about 10 people a week visit my blog, so I guess I'll just write down my thoughts for them. Maybe in the future we'll have greater visits to Getting Fancy.

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