Saturday, November 10, 2007

Going to 11...

I couldn't help myself. I'm at my brother's house taking care of his dogs while he's away and I've already posted a ton and I figured...what the heck. Blokes stop at 10.

The following constitutes my random digital paintings of worth from January 2007 until the present (November 2007). Most were never finished and probably never will be.

Character idea for the caveman commericial.

I just liked the idea of a woman wearing gems for clothing. They look plasticky.

Concept painting for my book. That's a city in those waterfalls. I have a much better painting now but it is composed using a kiped Dusso sky that needs to be replaced with one of my own. No cheating on this blog! (Don't know who Dusso is? Tsk tsk. His website.)

I wanted to get an intership at Avalanche but for some reason I never even tried for it. I can't remember now my reasoning for not applying. This was a painting I did to show I could do vehicles. May 2007

Redo of Lady of the Lake (previous post--see archives).

Dancers are cool. This one was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's story "Of Beren and Luthien."

Women can be really inspirational. I consider this painting my first NICE painting COMPLETED and it was all because I was inspired by a woman. Thanks, woman! It was unfortunately the first and last painting that came from her. April 2007

The Tree of Life, a symbol of goodness in a world of darkness. Someday I'll finish it and make posters so kids can have it on their wall!

I like dragons. I also like guys that are brave enough to go out in their underwear in the middle of the night and fight them. Started in February 2007, reworked sometime over the summer.

Concept painting for Vern, a 3D monster I modeled and textured. Painted in '06, reworked in Summer '07.

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