Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So I'm on a real kick for studying by emulating. Ryan gave us an assignment to emulate various types of artwork as well as artists. Above is my classical cartoon emulation. I went for clean sleek and happy. Unfortunately, most of my artistic buddies can't figure out what she's doing, even after I added the Pennzoil and labeled the stick "oil."

This is a Claire Wendling attempt. I did it because Ryan said he thought it was the hardest of the bunch. I spent about 8-12 hours (not sure...time is nebulus...maybe more than 12...??) on this one. I think I did ok. We'll see what Ryan says. None of my friends seem to think I did a very good job, and I hope that in a few weeks I'll be able to see how to be more like Claire.

In order to get this one done I skipped class all day. It was rather invigorating to actually PRODUCE instead of constantly being worried about classes. It is extremely difficult for me to focus multiple things throughout the day.


Anthony Holden said...

Nice work! I was wondering what you were up to since I didn't see you on campus almost all last week. These look great. Your "classic cartoony" is leaning a little closer towards "modern cartoony," which may have just as much to do with stylistic choices (simplification, flattening of figure, etc) as it does with your choice of subject matter (a girl changing oil is just not a "classic" type character. Wendling is a beast, and I applaud your attempts. I'm still working on my Peter DeSeve emulation...I'll let you know how that pans out when I finish...

MrSuspenders said...

Good wall material for sure. impressive.