Saturday, May 10, 2008

Caveman Update

Nicolai the caveman is the world's first genius. This is the most recent color study of what the commercial will probably look like. We are going for happy, pleasant, cartoony, and most of all: MARKETABLE.

I'm concerned there might be too much purple in the shadows...maybe too saturated? We are trying to get Nic to pop out of, but at the same time fit into, his sunny, desert environment.

If you are media savvy please let me know if this is similar to something you've seen before. Thanks!


Laura said...

Well he certainly fits in to his environment! ...Perhaps too well, I almost lost in there, actually. Because he blends so well.

Murphy said...

Yeah I agree with Laura there. Good job making him fit, but he didn't pop too much.
I'm not sure you should desaturate the shadows, I like the contrast, but maybe give him a slightly more red base?
there's my half-penny of thought!

Michael Mercer said...

Thanks ya'll!