Monday, May 05, 2008

Caveman Update

So I've been wrestling with the rig on this character for the better part of 250 hours--I think I might be up to 300 now...anyway, it's for my work, for Independent Study at BYU. You can tell I'm tired. I've been sick. And tonight I was having serious issues with the back muscles...things just weren't working right and I'm so tired of it and so guess what? I decided to have fun!!! Yes, contrary to popular opinions I do sometimes smile.

So I just posed Nic into various positions. You'll see a number of things that aren't working yet, I'm sure, but I think one of the things that is working right now is the facial rig. I've been very pleased with the facial rig. See if you can guess what Nicolai is feeling!!!

PS - I will finish the commercial before I die! It's a goal...kudos to my boss Glenn Anderson who let's me spend as much time as needed to make something (that I think is) really cool!

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