Friday, September 23, 2011

From the Dust - the Book of Mormon Graphic Novel

For interested parties that aren't yet following my graphic novel blog, that's where you will find a lot of my recent posting. I apologize for the neglect here on Getting Fancy the last few months. If you're interested in providing feedback for the storyboard version of the first installment of the graphic novel, just let me know. It will be ready at the end of September. It currently 46 pages with 30 pages of additional material.

From the Dust tells a unique story of hope during the Bible's darkest hour--600 BCE.

The Hebrew Bible (known to Christians as the Old Testament) records that the Israelites--the same people Moses led across the Red Sea--had fallen into complete apostasy--they had become murderers, liars, adulterers, and worse, and their destruction had long been foretold. It is in this world of darkness that a wonderful family fights for goodness and refuses to give up on their society. But more than this--they refuse to give up on each other.

It is in this world of darkness that the story of the Book of Mormon begins--a story of pure, true love and the family-centered values that are at the heart of the Hebrew Bible, and the heart of all those who believe in it--Jew, Christian, and Muslim alike. We all have the Hebrew Bible as part of our canon. We are all Abrahamic religions.

If you enjoyed Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt and it's story-centered, multi-faith approach to the Bible, you'll love From the Dust. It tells the story of the ancient origins of the Book of Mormon--without being preachy. It focuses on familial relationships and the things humanity has in common--not the little differences that divide us.

Here are some storyboards and a peek at what the finished comic/graphic novel will look like.

Dragons in From the Dust? See Jeremiah 51:34.

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