Friday, June 10, 2011


This is my last Wizard of Oz post. Frank Baum included a load of wonderful creatures in his novel, one of them being the Kalidahs, a chimeric mix of creatures rolled into one. Among other of my favorites were the armless hammer heads who's head popped off at lightning speeds and could bop you into oblivion.

I really love this story adaptation and hope to return to it someday. I feel it stays truer to the spirit of the original than any interpretation I've seen, but there are four or more coming out in Hollywood in the next few years and I'm sure some of them will be stellar.


Jake said...

Excellent work! Thanks for sharing these. Would've been nice to see this project carried to fruition, but yeah, with so many versions out there it's getting pretty crowded.

Anthony Holden said...

His books are magical in a way that I haven't seen quite captured yet, even though the original Hollywood film is great in its own right.
So, what? For now you're off to Jerusalem? Here we go!

Tyson Murphy said...

relaly fun character design, mike!

Shelley Whiting said...

I love the monster. The colors are very vibrant and funky. Beautiful and fun work.