Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tinny, the Tin Woodsman

Tinny, the Tin Woodsman
An obsessed metal trash can with an axe. Don’t let him wander unsupervised.

With innocent, Ewok-like curiosity Tinny scours Oz hoping to find his lost heart under a rock or in a birds nest--or--yes, scarily enough--even inside somebody else.  He is endlessly curious about other creature’s hearts, but without a conscience of his own he doesn’t know when to stop “axing.” Only his friends can repress his habitual living autopsies of birds, butterflies, and anything that his ADD mind admires.  These nearly-tragic moments provide endless opportunities for suspense, humor, and tenderness.  It is a comedy of what “could” happen, but never does.

Tinny is melodramatic, not unlike a four-year-old.  His lack of a mouth forces him to communicate in pantomime.


Tiff :o) said...

He looks evil. Good job.

Maria Mercer Adams said...

I love his mischievous look. I can easily see him being repentant too, if forced into it.