Friday, April 29, 2011


Joey, the Scarecrow
An imbecile with the occasional stroke of absolute brilliance.

A clown of the scariest sort, Joey’s idiocy is a top-notch comedy act that will leave you groaning for more.  After learning to walk, this nitwit becomes the self-appointed translator extraordinaire for Tinny, the mouthless metal menace.  These two compatriots provide Dorothy dimwitted defense against the sharper fangs of Oz.  Indestructible straw-filled Joey cannot feel pain, and often finds himself dangling happily in the jaws of death.  This scarecrow would give every gram of his whole-grain fiber to save Dorothy, because it was she that first saved him, and, quite literally, taught him everything he knows.  What Joey's brain lacks in horsepower it makes up for with childlike optimism.

His dangling eyes and simplified, puppet-like design make Joey’s on-screen presence hilarious just to watch.

"Joey" is old circus lingo for "clown."

He tries not to move too much, but when he does it is with the finesse of a 1930s rubber hose animation.