Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More characters

We greet this woman after another night of regret.  I have always been greatly disappointed by women that have a gift of physical beauty and then sacrifice real love and real relationships for nights of pleasure and "fun," often retreating into alcohol or drugs to aid them in this quest.  I am even more disappointed in the men that entice women to be this way, or that scheme to get the physical pleasures they desire, or that lack self control in their relationships (or don't see the psychological and emotional need for it).  Unlike some, I do not believe sex or money are symbols of manhood but I believe genuine Christlike love is.


Anonymous said...

I love it Mike, and it's super true, but can also go the other way. I support this drawing!

Ron Jensen said...

Roman Taxi eh. I'll have to check the game out. And working from remotly in Utah too. Sounds familier. We'll have to catch up sometime. I'll check out the game...it looks like fun.