Saturday, March 20, 2010

Redneck Scrabble

So my friends and I invented redneck scrabble.  Anything flies as long as you can justify it in redneck dialect.  Here are the definitions for the above game.

smouh-- a country in the south Pacific.  Also a way to ask for more food

hagl - what you do at the farmer's market

muode - what cows do all night long

bfo - the US was better bfo the civil war.  bfo this game started we were also smarter

baiarhs - they live in the woods and try to eat you

grisiie - pots and hair both get this way with time

imixsit - you didn't mix it, I did

mastr - your mastr cylinder helps control your brakes

moov - your cars used to be able to do this before you got them

tasd - your friend Jethro got tasd last weekend by the police

hounny - the woman you love

od - you od your father money before you made it rich in the boiled peanut business

dunnit  - when you don't have to do something again


Anthony Holden said...

Hah! "Imixsit" is my favorite...

YOU didn't mix it...


Anonymous said...


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