Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Environment Reel

Hey all,
So I've decided to go the world building route.  Looks like there's more job opportunities there than anywhere at the moment, so I figured it would be wise as a career.

Michael Mercer's Environment Showreel Mar 2010 from Michael Mercer on Vimeo.

The portfolio blog moved to http://michaelmercerenvironment.blogspot.com.

And here's a few of the new things I've been working on...got several more on the way!!

PS - if you visit my environment portfolio, you'll get to see some of my textures for Pajama Gladiator I did back in 2007 as a sophomore...unfortunately not all of them made it into the film as there were some props that just got discarded, and I lost the files a long time ago.  I'm not sure anyone but the director and producer knows I did these textures because there was no one on campus that summer.  Have a great day!  Best of luck to everyone in their job hunts!

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Anthony Holden said...

This is great, Mike! That environment looks like a game I would want to play. I also stopped by your portfolio blog; very nice.