Monday, July 28, 2008


Went to my first rodeo and loved it. I used to be a vegan so I guess I've become kind of an apostate now.
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Jake said...

These have TONS of energy, Mike. Way to sketch!

Rose Ledezma said...

I also like the dynamics of your penwork. Loose and powerful. It fits your subject matter beautifully.

Laura said...

These are great! Especially the last one - that's my favorite one.
I didn't know you used to be a vegan! When? Why? Why'd you stop?

Michael Mercer said...

I used to be vegan in the 12th grade. I stopped that after a month b/c it took too much mental energy, but I stayed vegetarian for another 9 months after that. I eventually stopped b/c of my mission and on my mission I witnessed the slaughter of animals right in front of my face and bought my meat from a market--where they just have body parts everywhere. I guess I just decided that animals exist for mankind to eat...I don't think I thought about it much. It just didn't seem like the right battles to fight, so maybe when other problems go away on the Earth I'll go back to being vegetarian