Thursday, July 03, 2008

First Pastel Drawing

So BYU's Illustration department tends to be heavy on the pastel drawings but I've never really done one. Here's my first with duotone nupastel.

For any of you interested, this is actually Brittany Sapp...she models now!! It was her first day on the job so I guess this is her first drawing, too.

She did awesome. It was kind of a rough pose but she held it beautifully. Thanks Britt!


Aaron Mercer said...

Very nice, Mike. I think you captured (and interpreted) this very well. Beautiful model as well.

Katie said...

wow, that's just plain gorgeous.
You expressed this so beautifully in form, color and shadow. Well done!!

Artist Anika said...

WOW! Very gorgeous. I am particularly impressed with the shadows on the stomach and legs. You are amazing.

Jake said...

This is definitely your best figurative work to date- and not JUST 'cause of your mad style and highlights. It looks REALLY great.


Michael Mercer said...

Thanks everyone! Things just turned out right that day, but I did a head today that I think turned out nice too. I'm learning a lot. Hopefully by the end of the term I'll be doing drawings like this daily!

Morgan said...

wow! Britney, nice job on posing. You look great! And Mike, seriously bro. this is gorgeous.