Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Painting

Hi ya'll. Did a new painting the last few days. It's a redo from a couple months ago. I never liked the first one. I think this one might be my best to date.


Jake said...

A: it IS your best painting to date.

B: it is a ROCKIN' painting.

C: I really like it.

D: WHY did you give yourself a mustache and mullet on your profile?

MM said...

I wanted to show my southern roots.

Chris Welch said...

nice Mike! this looks really great!

Margaret Marshall Moon said...

Very nice -- I enjoy your use of fur and pose in the piece. She has a very high-model feel to her stance. Your tones are exquisite. It really is a fine painting to add to your portfolio. :)

If you don't mind, may I give you a suggestion to make it even better? The best imaginative works in art are ones that are believable even in fantasy. One thing noticed design-wise (and as a woman who has had very long hair), is that her hair doesn't seem to follow any sort of physics, be it gravity/wind/water/whatever. The hair appears to be hanging from unseen wires, since the rest of her hair doesn't look disheveled enough for her hair to be raised that high. Most of the lines of her body direct the eye to the second top lock, so it makes the hair most important; whether or not you mean it to. The locks stream outwards, but the tips become perpendicular, giving them an appearance of little hands. That's cool, but I don't believe you were aiming for that. I would suggest you pick an element to work: either give her completely wind-tossed hair, or relax the locks. You do beautiful work, no mistake. I just want to see all your pieces as solid and unquestionable as I know you can make them.

Laura said...

Really nice, Mike! Wow!

Michael Mercer said...

Thanks everyone! Hey Margaret I totally agree with you on the hair thing--my next painting will be better! Promise!